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Our passion: metal-working.

We at AMS are specialized on metal-working. Metals belong to the most important materials of the manhood. Without peoples’ capability to win, work and form metal the modern civilization would not exist. Remarkable phases of our development are named after metals: Our ancestors won bronze out of tin and copper, the Bronze Age was followed by the Iron Age and with it a first zenith in metal-working. Jewellery, cultic objects and soon also coins were formed of the noble metals gold and silver.


Until the modern times especially tools and weapons were made of metals. Only with the great leaps in working and applicability during the industrial revolution, metal was more and more used as a building material. Many bridges and buildings which were built of metal in the 19th century are still in use today.


Till today engineers and architects have been fascinated by the forming and bending, the elastic and resisting force of metal as well as by its clear and precious look. Form and function of metal as a material are nearly unlimited. And we at AMS have made it our business to create innovative ideas and solutions for our customers with this fascinating material.


According to our motto: More of metal.


The company


The AMS GmbH was founded in 1972 by the name of AMS Seeber GmbH. In 1974 Stefan Imhäuser took the company over with four employees. Formerly being specialized on the production of welding machines we more and more concentrated on the production of metal interior fittings and metallic facades. Since 1999 the family business has been owned by Stefan Imhäuser and his sons Gregor and Thomas Imhäuser who also lead the company today.


From the beginning we have been optimizing the professional use of metal in form and function and could expand our expertise and production technologies continuously.


Nowadays the AMS disposes of an original capital of more than 1 million EUR and employs more than 120 people who are our most valuable factor.


In the last few years our portfolio has been complemented by environmental technology e.g. air cleaning which will be another essential field for research and development in the future. AMS products and services are sold all over the world either by our headquarters in Elkenroth or by our agencies.